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We offer Dr. Emma’s HCG diet as featured on the Dr. Oz show.
We also offer phentermine, topiramate and naltrexone as adjuncts to your dedication to losing weight.

Your opinion matters! When it comes to your self confidence and how you feel about yourself, that is more important than what others think. The ideal or perfect size is very different to everyone. What makes you feel good about yourself is the most important aspect when it comes to your health. Therefore, it is important that you find what works for you.

Here at Living Well MD we cater to the needs and desires of our patients. That is to say we will help you get to the ideal you through a personalized, medically supervised weight loss plan. Our programs will always be backed by science and evidence that these methods work. We also know that successful and lasting weight loss requires the right mix of clinical and lifestyle support to fit the way you live. Our clinically supervised weight loss plans are designed with you in mind, to help you achieve your goals for health, to maintain your health long after you complete your specific program and to help you make the changes you need to live long and healthy.

How is Living Well MD different from other weight loss centers?


Your weight loss will be supervised within a safe, effective, physician directed plan where only the best weight loss methods have proven to work. You and your doctor decide on the appropriate weight loss goals. The underlying basis for our success is our individualized plans, specifically catered to meet your needs and goals. Our success is dependent upon your success.

We have the resources to help you achieve your ideal weight and body shape. We understand you have a busy schedule and work hard so, we work with you and help you design a plan that works for you. We can help you design a plan to help reduce your waistline as well as reduce abdominal area adipose tissue.

When you are ready, schedule a free consultation to see if we are right for you.

We are here for you and ready to celebrate with you when you reach your goals.

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