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We strive to provide our patients with a total health experience that involves continuity of care, a focus on health and wellness and partnering with our patients to provide medical care in a complementary manner. This approach utilizes up to date care from evidence based medicine, oligopathic sciences involving natural sources, pharmacological sources, manipulation, and frequency medicine. Your concerns are why we are here. When you are ready to discuss your options, schedule a free consultation and see what may be possible for you.

How we practice

Evidence based complementary medicine.

We practice evidence based medicine that is backed by clinical work, science and results. We do this in a way that also utilizes natural solutions along side allopathic medicine, or as it is more commonly referred to as Complementary Medicine. This allows us to more fully treat the whole of the patient as we partner with them in their care.

Introducing Dr. James A. Oaks, MD

Dr. James Oaks MD, is a traditionally trained medical doctor. Dr. Oaks has bachelor degrees in Math and Biochemistry. He was a high school math teacher, a mechanical engineer, served in the US Navy and owned his own business. When he realized his calling to go in to medicine he was working as a high school math teacher. He had to quit a full time job, his family’s only source of income, to go back to college. He graduated with a 3.9 gpa while working 3 part time jobs and supporting his family. He graduated from Quillen College of Medicine in 2012 and successfully completed his Intern year in Internal Medicine with East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tn. Dr. Oaks then went on to complete his training as a Nuclear Medicine Resident at Vanderbilt University.

While in residency Dr. Oaks questioned many traditional approaches to medicine. He knew that there were answers that did not require another pharmaceutical. His approach toward medicine had one of his attending physicians asking him, “Why don’t you stop thinking about things that way and just memorize the protocols”. His desire to do more for his patients pulled him back to clinical medicine. In 2014 he began working as a primary care physician with a company utilizing a home visitation model. All along he continued to search for medical answers to questions, he had had for years. Then Dr. James Oaks, came upon a new approach to medicine and a pioneer in frequency medicine, Dr. Jerry Tennant. He completed a fellowship with Dr. Tennant in the spring of 2017. This newly found knowledge and training has encouraged him to pursue more information and ways to help those in need.

Dr. Oaks then became familiar with Dr. Charles Stratton’s work and the protocols he had developed to help those with chronic infections that have been implicated and responsible for multiple diseases. He was honored to work with Dr. Stratton. Dr. Stratton guided and consulted with him as he began treating those with chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, hashimotos, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes types I and II as well as PCOS and others. This newly found knowledge meshed with Dr. Tennant’s protocols has afforded him the opportunity to help others discover, restore and transform their health.

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