Addiction is a physical or psychological dependence on something, mainly a substance or behavior.
What Causes


Addiction can be caused from certain chemicals in the drug or from psychological factors. Certain risk factors may exist as well which put you at higher risk for becoming addicted to a substance or behavior.

Genetics – Those with family members who have been addicted are more prone to addiction

Gender – Males are more prone to addiction

Mental Illness – This can increase the risk for addiction which can manifest itself as anxiety, depression, and other psychological illnesses

Peer Pressure – Feeling the need to perform for friends or others that you are trying to impress

Age – The younger the age of first substance use the more likely you are to become addicted

How Can You Tell?

Signs of addiction.

There are many worrying signs for addiction. Many times a person is crying out for help and simply needs someone to be there to come to terms with their addiction.

Some Warning Signs:

  • Makes excuses to break social engagements
  • Withdraws from friends and family
  • Smells like a substance or has a substance on hands, clothing, or has empty plastic bags
  • A drop in grades or work performance
  • Always short on money
  • Stealing from friends and family

What Can You Do About It?

When you want help but aren’t sure.

Here at Living Well MD we work with you to help you succeed at becoming a better you. Your involvement is key to your success. We meet with you on a monthly basis, provide support and medication to help reduce your dependence upon your addictive substance. This medication has a long history of use and has been used to treat addiction to alcohol, opiates and foods. The medication increases endorphins in the brain to help reduce your need for your addictive substance.

There’s no commitment, membership or obligation to continue if you want to move on to another clinic. We can send your medical history to your clinic of choice or you can pay $25 to get a printed copy of your chart. What we want is for you to feel like your concerns and needs have been met.

Saying No To Drugs, Your Friends and Yourself

Self discipline is important and needs you to be successful. Many of your friends will not understand why you don’t want to hang out with them anymore. They will continue to call and ask that you come and do what you always do. There’s an old saying that goes like this, “Misery Loves Company”. What this is trying to say is, your friends are miserable and they want you to be miserable with them.

By using the techniques, taking advantage of our support and using the medication as directed, you can be successful at defeating your addiction.

It begins and ends with you. You have to be the master of your story. Live a good story and become the person you were always meant to be.

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